Left to me, I’d say you’re Right. 

… an overlooked minority deprived of our meagre demands…
I hope it’s all RIGHT if you’re into bad puns. Actually you’ll be LEFT feeling quite tickled. . . .



15.10.2016 Let me get this straight, until today, I didn’t know her name. I saw her almost everyday, on my way to the bus stop and on my way back home. She was old and her fur was falling out, so we could see the pink patches on her body. My sister and I jokingly…

Coming Out Day  and Writer’s Block?! 

Check, Please. . .
Created by Ngozi Ukazu, this webcomic is sure to make the romantic in you melt like a marshmallow. . . Or like ice cream on a hot,  summer day. . .  

Your’s Truly 

Did you internally cringe by just reading that? Or did you do a full-blown ugly visible cringe?
. . . Shining the torchlight for your benefit.. .

Lady Midnight: Review

 Who is Lady Midnight?
… what are you waiting for go read Lady Midnight today. . . In the meantime I’m going to fangirl about it! 😉 

Unity in Divisiveness. 

. . .  isn’t it unity in diversity? Why would I want to muddle it up with some made up word, that too something as stupid sounding as “divisivity”. . .

The Times and Travails of an Indian Cyclist

Being a cyclist in this day and age is quite the remarkable feat in itself.  The unfortunate predicament of a cyclist in this car honk car world is something everyone should know about. The cycle in a car’s world is not too different from “a woman in a man’s world” (Cue: *Snort*) I once read in…

Listen up! Life Lessons.

Self doubt is bad. The greatest gift you can give yourself and anyone around you, for that matter, is belief.
Believe in them, but most importantly, believe in YOU.

Attachments: A must-read!!

. . something that makes you feel all happy and smiley inside and makes you laugh out loud…
a tale worthy of your time, energy and obviously those precious feels.