Trailblazers and Sheeples 

Be the trendsetter, not a sheeple. 

Sheeple:  (ˈʃiːp ə l)— n informal people who tend to follow the majority in matters of opinion, taste, etc  [ from sheep + people ]

So everyday on twitter, you see a section which says- “Trending” and these are basically the hashtags that are popular. For the day.

If it’s lucky then maybe two days.

All twitter users then use this hash tag to express their views in an extremely compressed word limit to either become popular and gain more followers or because they actually care about whatever it is that is happening and want everyone affected/involved  to know that they are with them /against them.

If you take my twitter analogy to be a metaphor –  then compare it to your life.

Do you want to be one who sets the “Trending” hash tags on Twitter or one who uses them to gain followers?

And as I mentioned earlier,  these “Trending” hash tags stay alive only for a limited period. But when they are living,  thriving- they literally have the power to change the world.

Everyone can change the world. It needn’t be in a big way,  it can be as simple as saying Thank you to the local shop keeper or switching off the lights before you leave the room,  because you never know what it is about you that sets you apart from the rest. You may think you know it. But it very rarely is what you think it is.

It’s always said “Be the Change you want to see”,  but very few really understand what it means. Our natural tendency to look at the big picture, dream big- limits us.

Of course,  I am not  at all against dreaming big.

But if you read what I’ve written again and take a minute to ponder over it,  you will realise that when I say “Be the Change you want to see”,  your mind will immediately think of things like,  “Women all over the world must be empowered.”  or “Children shouldn’t be allowed to work under any conditions.”  or even “Journalists are being killed like mosquitoes everyday, all around the world. I must do something!”

Dreaming such dreams will end up in them being only dreams. Taking small and steady steps to success is the key to bring about true change. Revolutionary change. It is in you. A fire waiting to burn and all you’ve got to do is slowly add the fuel until it finally becomes a mighty,  roaring fire.

Coming back to my Twitter analogy,  you decide if you want to be that one person who sets the “Trending” hash tag for the day or one who slowly moves up and tweets about her true thoughts and eventually becomes an inspiring personality. A trendsetter.  A trailblazer.


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