Should this be your guiding principle? Hells yes! 

Bonjour tout le monde! Comment ça va? 
“There are no rules to eat ice cream!!” exclaimed my sister. She said this in reply to my grandfather’s suggestion that it would be better if she ate her cone  ice cream  from the bottom as opposed to the top,  to avoid accidents. 

This got me thinking, we live in a world where everything we do is ruled. We are governed by rules and procedures so much that we end up making absurd rules for ourselves in case it does not seem to have any “rules”, per se.

This might just be us doing the next best logical thing, nevertheless we term it as a “rule.”

Why do we have the compulsive need to “rule” everything? Is it because we feel it makes our lives simpler and saves time? Or maybe,  we’re just so used to living in a world full of rules that breaking out of it seems almost alien! 

It is important, though, for us to know and understand that, we need not have rules for everything, and that’s OK. At the same time,  we should understand that it is equally important that we live life by our rules. . .  And not let others make the rules. 

Just the other day, my sister and I, along with our friend went to the park and as we came out we saw the corn-cart lady. . .  And of course, we had to eat corn then!

So we bought the corn.

There was a café opposite the park and our friend had a redeemable coupon- or so she was led to believe – and she wanted to check it out. Always up for a cup of coffee, we too went in with her, the corn-on-the-cob in our hands.

Now this café, let me tell you, is part of a famous chain of cafes, and you know the whole ban on outside food in restaurants and cafes?

We thought that it might probably apply in this case too, but nevertheless we went in, while eating the corn and occupied an empty table.

Now you need to know one other thing too, which is my corn was  hot. So hot! The vendor had slathered two coats of  chilli chutney on it and by the Gods,  it was hot!

Though I love hot food, my body’s reflex to this kind of food is that I tear up immediately,  and there is an excess outflow of fluids from my face

.  In this case,  it was a little different, because along with the normal fluid outflow, my face became numb and my eye became twitchy and numb and I couldn’t feel my mouth! 

My sister was looking at me in part-worry and part-amusement, and my friend discovered to her annoyance and dismay that apparently the coupon was invalid!

Anyway, we continued to sit there, and we hadn’t ordered anything and we were eating “outside food”!
My friend asked them for a glass of water and two sugar packets and I gulped the water and ate the sugar and waited.
Relief at last! I could finally feel my mouth and my other senses were quickly recovering from their numbness. . . .

And then we walked out.

We didn’t buy a single thing there, we drank their water and ate their sugar and then just left.

Which just goes to show, you can actually do whatever you want and no one you think will stop you will do so!
Like Jean Jacques Rousseu said,

Man (or woman) is born free and everywhere (s) he is in chains.  

À bien tôt! Dite-moi votre avis par les comments 🙂 


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  1. mildlyspicy says:

    Ma cherie, There are kind people everywhere, who can’t see people suffer. Maybe that cafe staff too indulged in that chilly slathered corn(vendor being across the road), so he/she very well knows how it hot it is


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