My beliefs. 

Is there a particular time by which one should be set as to what ones beliefs are with regards to say, religion, political leaning, music and life in general?

Are we too late,  or too early… Or just right? Who decides all this?

Jean Jacques Rousseu said, Man is Born Free and everywhere he is in chains. 

Our beliefs decide who we are. It’s like that Goosebumps books I used to voraciously read when I was in fifth grade where the reader got to decide how the story progressed. And the outcomes were all there, but ultimately it was their choice that mattered. Just how our beliefs matter. 

Our beliefs make who we are, true. 

But when do we have to believe?  Should I believe in God from the time I’m born, just because. Or does scientific research done on the existence of a God determine my belief in His/Her/Their existence? Or can I simply believe or not believe? 

Belief, finds you. It can be belief in a person, an ideology, a thing, a way of life, a God. . .  But it finds you and shapes you. 

So while it is important to have beliefs, it also important to realise it’s totally OK to not have beliefs, or have budding beliefs. 

I would say for us as a species, it is important that people around us share the same beliefs as us. Just the other day, my friend and I were talking about football leagues and it was so important for him that I too, root for Chelsea like him (just FYI, I do)

It can be something that trivial to something like being ambushed into believing something. . .  Now being a person with strong beliefs, I don’t make snap judgements and have snap beliefs, I take my time. …So being ambushed into believing something,  in my case?  Let me tell you,  not helping your case. 

Okay, thanks for listening to my quite unstructured and perfectly non sensible rant.

À bien tôt 🙂


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