Left to me, I’d say you’re Right. 

Life is hard for us left handers. We’re an overlooked minority deprived of our meagre demands, such as left handed scissors, left handed benches, left handed notepads, left handed computer mouses. . .

Comprising only 7% of the total population of the earth- a microsm- we’re special, but it is quite expensive to meet our special needs.

Additionally, most right handers act all high and mighty and superior as they smirk and sneer at our pathetic, helpless condition. Some offer to “step in”  and help. . .  But only out of pity,  and we don’t want no pity!

Incidentally, the these little inconveniences are the price we pay for out inherent creative genius (yes, we’re more creative than you “righties”) and uniqueness.

What I fail to understand although is how some cultures make left handedness seem like a heinous crime and try to” cure ” their children of it at a young age. ..  And us lefties are made fun of by using phrases such as” You’re so left handed “to indicate incompetence.

I mean, really? Is it not enough to stick to discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality and colour,  must we really add which HAND you use prominently to label a person’s abilities or disabilities?

There are only 7% of us lefties out of all you earthlings and there’s also that rumour going around that we live for a shorter span as compared to you righties. . . So why don’t you just make our short lives comfortable and spare us your majoritarianism?

Some famous left handed people we all know are

1. India’s Prime Minister,  Mr Narendra Modi.

2. The famous bollywood actor, Mr Amitabh Bachchan

3. The current President of the USA, Mr Barack Obama

4. Microsoft founder Bill Gates

5. French “Emperor” Napoleon Bonaparte 6. Leonardo Da Vinci

7. Oprah Winfrey

8. Two time Nobel Prize winner, Scientist Marie Curie

Speaking of scientists, Einstein, Newton and Alan Turing were left handed too,  you know

9. Greek philosopher Aristotle and Friedrich Nietsche too( And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes unto you)

10. Brilliant singer Jimi Hendrix

[I’ve excluded Sportspersons because there are too many of them]

If you bothered to read through my compiled list of around 10 famous lefties, you’ll notice that there are lefties who’ve excelled in all fields. . . Which probably means that we’ll be able to afford those expensive, overpriced every day items custom made for left handers. . . But dear greedy Capitalists  who manufacture these things, just do us a favour already and don’t overcharge us for Being Born This Way (oh my God, I know. I just stole a LGBTQ slogan)

Right now (see what I did there?), I need to take your leave (past tense: left bwahaha) but I do hope you enjoyed reading this.

Cheers,  a weary  Left Hander.


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