Coming Out Day  and Writer’s Block?! 

11th October 2016

It’s Coming Out Day! 

I feel like I’m subject to- no, wait, victim of severe  writer’s block or something, I really don’t know. I mean, I keep telling myself Writer’s Block is all in the head, but you never know. 

Anyway, point is, I was going through my Facebook feed when I spotted a post by Hypable which was titled “20 Queer Characters  that inspire us.”

One of the characters was Bitty and Jack from the webcomic Check, Please! 

So naturally, I had to know what it was about and the storyline seemed interesting…

And I  love comics, so that’s an added bonus 😉 

I Googled Check, Please!  and I found a link to the tumblr page of the webcomic,titled omgcheckplease. 

 Created by Ngozi Ukazu, this webcomic is sure to make the romantic in you melt like a marshmallow. . . Or like ice cream on a hot,  summer day. . .  

Usually I  would give a short description of what the webcomic is all about. .  . But since I’ve exhausted my writing magic (Re: Writer’s Block?!). . .  I’m just going to quote Hypable’s Natalie Fisher’s take on Check, Please! 

“In case you’ve been living under a rock,Check, Please! is one of the internet’s biggest webcomics. Created in 2013 by Ngozi Ukazu, the comic follows Eric Bittle, or Bitty, as he arrives at the fictional Samwell University on a hockey scholarship. Bitty, a former figure skater, is tiny for a hockey player, and obsessed with baking. Sweet, innocent, and deeply closeted at home in Georgia, he finds his new friends in Massachusetts more than accepting, and quickly becomes the heart and soul of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team.

The team captain is Jack Zimmermann — son of NHL legend ‘Bad Bob’ Zimmermann. Jack was set to make a splash in his teens, with the eyes of the sporting world on him, but right before the draft (in which he was touted to go first) he overdosed on medication and was checked into rehab. Instead of returning to the pros, he enrolled at Samwell and chose to play college hockey instead, where he became team captain and met Bitty, a freshman to his junior. Jack starts out as a bit of a repressed robot, but Bitty unknowingly melts his heart. Check Please! very much told with an unreliable narrator, from Bitty’s POV — he’s a vlogger — but the deftness of the storytelling, what we see behind the scenes that Bitty doesn’t notice, proves that Jack has been harboring a crush on Bitty for nearly as long as Bitty’s been moving over Jack. At the end of the comic’s second year, Jack’s graduation, he seizes the moment to awkwardly and monosyllabically tell Bitty how he feels, to the surprise of exactly no one except Bitty himself.

The story is currently in Bitty’s third year at Samwell and Jack’s first year in the NHL – they’re happily together, but are starting to feel the strain of separation and keeping their relationship a secret. In the most recent update, they just came out as a couple to their most trusted group of friends — the next big question is whether Jack will come out publicly, which would make him the first out queer player in the NHL. However, there may be another contender for that slot — the fascinating NHL megastar Kent Parson, Jack’s teenage BFF with whom he had… history. Parse, my favorite character in the comic, is still heartbroken over Jack, but handles it extremely unhealthily, which is why this entry is not about him. However, his history with Jack is bubbling to the surface as they face each other on competing teams. Check Please! is sweet, complex and victorious — there was never a doubt that Bitty was going to get the guy of his dreams, but watching him get there was delightful. — Natalie Fisher”

So. . . .  Do yourselves a favour and go read Check, Please! 

Here is the link to the Hypable article for more TV shows or books you may want to read with inspiring LGBTQ+ characters:

The Hypable Article!

 And here’s the link to Check, Please!
 The Episode List!

 .The Main Page!

Are you still here?!  

Go, read a webcomic! 


If you’re STILL here, then I have one last thing to add,  that Hypable article missed out Mitch and Cam from Modern Family! 

Umm, OK.

And I almost forgot, I give Check, Please Four-and-a-half-fangirl Awws out of Five. 💁

Let’s pray my stupid Writer’s Block or whatever it is,  Laziness? (shh) vanishes and I get back to blogging, until then,

Au Revoir! 



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