Lady Midnight: Review

Genre: Spin-off,  Fantasy 

Rating: ****/*****
When Cassandra Clare introduced us to Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorne in City Of  Heavenly Fire, the last book in The Mortal Instruments series I remember thinking two things to myself – 

a)  I ship that! (Emma and Julian. When they were twelve. I know. I’m disgusting.) 

b)  I’d be interested in their story 
Guess Cassandra Clare had the same thoughts as me. 

The first book in the Dark Artifices series,  it is set for years after the Dark War (Ref. City of Heavenly Fire) 

Once  I heard the book had released,  of course I wanted to read it. . . But then, I couldn’t (argh,  school!)

When I finally made time for that book,  I didn’t regret  a single minute! Would you believe me if I said that I finished reading it in less than a day? That gripping! 

Set in the Los Angeles Institute (for Shadowhunters),  it follows the story of the two best friends- Emma Carstairs,  whose parents were brutally murdered in CoHF and Julian,  who had to kill his own father in the Dark War and had to have his sister Helen shipped off and brother Mark taken by the Faeries and also who takes care of his four younger siblings single-handedly.  Now both 17, the two are parabatai, the closest bond two Shadowhunters can ever have. . .  Except they can never be romantically involved. 

With a series of gruesome murders happening,  each with a pattern similar to the manner in which Emma’s parents were murdered. Emma’s obvious intrigue and determination to solve the murders and in turn  find her parents’ killer,  coupled with Mark’s return from the Faerie Land during the Cold Peace ( Think of it as Cold War,  only this is between the Shadowhunters,  Downworlders and the Faeries.) add on to the tension and drama. 

The events that follow after Mark’s return,  on the condition that the serial killer be found in three weeks force a lot of secrets to spill. Secrets Julian has worked all his life to keep. From Emma and from his siblings. 

Things take a turn when Emma and Julian break the cardinal law pertaining to the parabatai – romantic involvement (squeal!) 

Find out what happens when Emma, Julian and the others figure out who the murderer is. And also when Emma realises why parabatai can never be together. 

Coupled with a few cameo appearances by my favourite character ever created by Clare – Magnus Bane and also Jace and Clary (now 21), this book is a great read. 

Lastly,  you might be asking,  “Wait,  so who is Lady Midnight?!” Read to find out! 

A light spoiler, the end of the book is a cliffhanger and it’s making me wait for the next book!!! 

So what are you waiting for go read Lady Midnight today. . . In the meantime I’m going to fangirl about it! 😉 


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