The time I “Jughead-ed” myself

In one’s life it is usually believed that one goes through a series of embarrassing episodes of which, the aforementioned “one”  is the protagonist,  aka, the “One who gets embarrassed”
After which, all of  “ones” friends never let her/him live it down, constantly regaling this embarrassing episode to other friends who may or may not have actually been present during said Incident.

My life too hasn’t been an exception to this rule.
I might even go on and say that I’m quite an anomaly. .  .
In the fact that I end up embarrassing myself more than the average person and I have friends who cannot be classified as “average” too, and who consequently never let me forget my faux pas or beyond-crazy embarrassments.

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of funny episodes of my  life.. . 
Here goes, the Time I Jughead-ed myself.

Do you remember the time when “the ice bucket challenge”  was all the rage? I mean, people were literally pouring ice water on themselves.  . . 
And videoing it. . .  And posting it on every social media possible!

This story happened way before the idea of an “ice bucket challenge” was even conceptualised.

I was in the Seventh Grade at that time and my best friend,  let’s call her SCS, and I were just beginning to explore the world of food.

Later,  of course I realised exactly how left-handed and Bull-in-a-China-shop I was and gave up learning to “cook”,  but SCS persisted and discovered that she had a natural flair for cooking which she exploits thoroughly, the end result being I get to eat delicious food from time to time. .  .

This story is set way before any of this.
It was teacher’s day the next day,  and being the teacher-loving dutiful students that we were,  SCS and I decided to bake a cake for our teacher. Our first baking endeavour, might I add.

And so I went to her house and we spent quite a while figuring out the nuances of baking a cake. I pretended to be the more knowledgeable one as I had “helped” my aunt bake a cake once. . . 

After about two hours, we finally had the cake stashed in the oven and were waiting for it to bake. The whole enterprise was a little too overwhelming for novices such as ourselves and as SCS plopped herself on the couch and phoned another friend of hers, I went looking for water as I was terribly thirsty.

I found a light green jug on her dining table and reached for it,  but saw that it was empty. . .
SCS and I then refilled the jug, transferring the water from a huge,  full barrel.

I was so parched by this point that I didn’t think of using the wonderful utensil we call a tumbler, and instead just grabbed the jug and started drinking directly from it as I walked toward the couch SCS had re-plopped herself in. . .

And that is the exact moment when disaster struck.

The jug’ s lid suddenly gave way,  letting loose a whole torrent of just-filled water,  where else? But on my poor, astonished face!!

There was a moment of complete,  dead silence,  after which SCS burst out laughing as did I,  I guess. I don’t really remember my reaction other than being shocked!

SCS couldn’t stop guffawing for the rest of the day as we finished up with the Cake. (it turned out OK, if you’re wondering)

Just the other day, almost 5 years later,  I was in SCS’ house and wanted some water to satiate my seemingly unquenchable thirst.

We both reached out to grab a light, green jug full of water – with the lid on at the same time.  . . We then looked at each other, a gleeful look on SCS’ face and a Just-realised look on mine as we burst out laughing.

This time though, I used that lovely utensil they call a tumbler!!!


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