The Times and Travails of an Indian Cyclist

Being a cyclist in this day and age is quite the remarkable feat in itself.  The unfortunate predicament of a cyclist in this car honk car world is something everyone should know about.
The cycle in a car’s world is not too different from “a woman in a man’s world” (Cue: *Snort*)

I once read in a Calvin and Hobbescomic strip about Calvin’s dad complaining about how inconsiderate car drivers are and how tough it was being a cyclist,  and I remember thinking,  Wow,  a comic strip which is a euphemism of my thoughts!!

Cycling is one of my favourite forms of exercise. They say exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins which makes one happy.

Let me tell you though, that as much as I love cycling, it thoroughly stresses me out.

The evenings is usually when an unusual calm seems to set in my neighbourhood, a time perfect for cycling… This is marred soon enough by the cacophony of hooting cars and screeching bike brakes.

The cyclist has “disrupted” the calm. 

I get disgusted looks from the superior motor vehicle owners all around who act like my existence is the reason for the unsettled peace and not their own lawlessness :

Exhibit A– Motor Bike, with the rider missing his helmet.
Exhibit B- Car forgetting basic Road Rules and rushing to pass the intersection before that dratted pedestrian crosses it,  or even worse, the infernal cyclist pedals away before him.. . .

Crazy Cabbies –  Crazy Cyclists!!

Don’t even get me started  on those damn cabbies,  they think  they’re “The King of the World” (Titanic reference, get it?)

Allow me to enlighten you with an  example of cabbie lawlessness:

The other day, I was pedalling my merry way when all of a sudden, I see something hurtling toward me-  not unlike a comet- petrified,  I  frantically  hit the brakes all while semi cursing and praying that the cabbie doesn’t hit me and that I survive. 

The  sigh of relief I heaved after that near-death-experience is unparalleled  to any sigh I’ve ever sighed my entire life!!

Seriously though,  these cab drivers should have a  state -mandated  compulsory “Driving  Etiquette”  test or something!  And don’t even get me started in those death traps they call buses and  tempo travelers.  *Shiver*

Animals and Animosity : Ani-why me?!

If this us not taxing enough for the poor cyclist whose only crime was to love the forbidden vehicle –  the cycle,  the animals on the streets  seem to detest cyclists too!!

For instance,  this  one time I was cycling,  happy and content in the fact that nothing bad had happened to me. .  . When BAM, disaster struck,  all of a sudden I was shaken out of my euphoric reverie to a dog barking at me and  chasing me and my cycle. . .  I’m sure I would have  won an Olympic medal at the speed in which I made my escape!!

All in all,  with no separate cycling track for cyclists (duh,  who else?)  and disdainful  and hateful non cyclists  the future does seem bleak for an enthusiastic pedaller in India, at least. .  .
But you know what my advice is to my fellow disgruntled wheelers?

Ride on.


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