Listen up! Life Lessons.

There are many awful things that can happen to an individual in his/her lifetime.

They might become the victim of a terminal, incurable illness,  or may fall mentally sick or physically injure themselves or have something bad, really bad happen to them.

Life,  it is said sometimes, gives you  lemons, and it is up to you if you choose to make lemonade out of it,  or just look by as the lemon rots and festers disabling you from doing anything.

However, any step you take against combating said issues will first have to, HAVE TO involve self confidence and the belief that you can do it.

Being plagued with self doubt and underestimation of one’s abilities is the worst possible thing to happen to any individual.
Self doubt gnaws into one’s soul,  barricading the light at the end of the tunnel.

Most times we feel that self doubt cannot be controlled and that it is an inherent aspect of an individual’s character.

Reality? It’s not.

Yes,  of course to an extent the kind of person one is matters. An optimist might find it way easier than a pessimist to get rid of self doubt, but everyone suffers from self doubt at one point in their life or another and for some,  self doubt might actually be a constant preventing any real development.

So how can one,  more importantly,  YOU, shake off the self doubt and empower and inspire yourself to go for it?

Step #1.
Talk to yourself.
Talking to yourself is the main step in any situation. You are your own boss and as they say,  no one knows you better than you.
Talk to yourself every day – this can be through literally talking to yourself in front of the mirror or keeping a journal and writing regularly or recording or videoing your thoughts.
In this way, you know who you are. Once a strong sense of Self develops in you. . .  Self doubt has no place for itself in your body!!

Step #2.
Communicate with a trusted one about the concerns you have and the issues you’re facing.

You judge yourself harsher than the rest of the world.
So take a deep breath and tell someone you trust about whatever it is that is bothering you.

We are all curious to know how others perceive us and getting a third party opinion you trust can never hurt,  can it?

Step #3
Make a list of all your strengths and assets.
Self doubt is all about the negative,  so the best way to kill it is with positivity!!

After making a list of all your strengths,  put it up in a place which is hard to miss. So now everytime you look at the list,  you feel proud and worthy of accomplishing, and staying focused to your goal.

Self doubt is bad. The greatest gift you can give yourself and anyone around you, for that matter,  is belief.
Believe in them,  but most importantly, believe in YOU.

Coming back to the lemon analogy, as
Phil Dunphy (from Modern Family) says,

When life gives you lemonades,  make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘What?!!’ “

Arrivederci until next time 🙂


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