Attachments: A must-read!!

Have you ever been in the mood to read a really good romantic novel? I’m not talking about pornographic crap like 50 Shades of Grey,  but something that makes you feel all happy and smiley inside and makes you laugh out loud and is, for the most part,  not too predictable…

Of course it takes a really good writer to weave a tale worthy of your time,  energy and obviously those precious feels.

That, ladies and gentlemen,  is exactly what Rainbow Rowell –  one of the authors who comes under Trending in my current ‘favourite authors’ list has managed to give us( well,  me)

I found Attachments as an audiobook on YouTube and encouraged by the awesomeness one of her other novels, Fangirl,  I began listening to it.  . . 


Attachments is the story of Lincoln,  a tall,  kind and somewhat shy 28-year old who works in the IT department of the newspaper, The Courier. It is his job to read all flagged emails sent through the paper’s official website and warn the offenders. He is not particularly in love with his job but looks at it with casual indifference. .  . . That is, until he reads Beth Freemonts’s flagged email,  sent to her best friend and co-worker, Jennifer Scribner-Snyder.

He finds himself slowly falling in love with Beth and her quirky sense of humour and personality. .  . All which he discovers through  Beth and Jennifer’s email conversations.

Beth,  a movie critic with an emotionless rock-musician boyfriend, Chris, the guitarist of his band, writes to Jennifer,  among many other things, about ‘her cute guy’,  a guy she sees every now and then around the office ,  and has a crush on. ..

Little does she know that it is Lincoln, the ‘IT guy’ she’s secretly admiring. Lincoln, for his part is thrilled at the revelation,  that Beth  ‘likes’  him. . .  But his awkward position of being the ‘guy who reads their email’  prevents him from doing much as he is too scared of what might happen if Beth knew who he really was.

Things get interesting as Lincoln’s like becomes something more serious : Love.

As the story progresses,  you,  the reader are meandered through the various twists and turns of this beautiful and sweet story.

You can make out serious character development in Lincoln as he becomes more and more assertive and loses most of his passivity, which eventually helps him to get the girl of his dreams.

Ooh, that sounded pretty melodramatic, but really,  Attachments is a well written book which leaves the reader feeling happy and grinning like an idiot for a moment after  finishing the book.

So go out,  buy the book,  or the audiobook version or the online version or anything because this book is a must-read!!!

That being said, Adios amigos,  until next time!
And of course,
Read a book!!

Rating: 4.5/5


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