You! Thank you!!

I have this habit of thanking everyone for anything they do for me.
Seriously, all the time, I’m like:

And frankly, I think it’s important to be thankful,  especially what with  the art of politesse dying slowly- words like Sorry,  Thank you, and Please are losing their magic,  fading away because of under use.
But that is not the point I’m trying to make so let me move on:
As I was saying earlier,  my habit of saying Thank you ranges from thanking the cabbie for giving me a ride to thanking my teacher for retuning my tests papers to even thanking someone when they insult me( that time,  of course,  it’s me being sarcastic!)


Today,  though,  I discovered something, we rarely thank someone we know very well. Say,  for instance,  one’s parents,  how often does one actually thanks one’s parents for anything they do, or how often do we thank our siblings for giving up that last piece of cake or last slice of pizza (though,  obviously,  in this case you’re too stunned to say Thank you 😛)?
Not quite often.
This realisation sparked on me today. It was the last day of my second-level French classes, called A2
Usually,  it was protocol that we have different teachers for different levels of French, but by a strange and pleasant coincidence, the teacher for A2 French was the same teacher who taught me during the first-level,  or A1!
Imagine my surprise! Since I already knew my Professeur so well,  learning French became easier- no adapting to new teachers and all of that!!
Moving on, today was the last day of my A2 French classes. All the remaining students thanked the Professeur and I murmured a thank you too. I didn’t feel like saying Thank you, because I thought since I knew him so well  he must already know I admired him and his teaching!
That’s when the glass shattered:  I had actually taken my Professeur for granted! I assumed that since I knew him so well,  there was no reason for me to formally thank him!
Quelle logique !
Another anecdote which talks of my “Thanklessness”  is when I quite literally bullied my friends into dropping me home after our hang out and said,  “OK,  bye! See you tomorrow!”
Where is the thank you?


Of course,  it seems trivial, and even stupid to a certain extent,  but,  I feel strongly, that it is more important to let your near and dear,  loved ones know how grateful you are to them and how much you really appreciate all that they’ve done for you, and continue to do. 
So though it is Easter and not Thanksgiving. . .  Just don’t forget to say Thank you! 😉


(^Even One Direction is being thankful! 😛)

A simple Thank you  can really go a long way,  for example, 
If I were to end this rant/blog by saying Thank you,  Merci,  Danke,  Dhanyavaad for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it and agree with me. . . .  Wouldn’t you read more of my blogs? 😉

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