Has YA(Fantasy) genre lost its magic. . .?

Hiya there!


Every Bibliophile, I believe,  goes through a certain phase: let’s call it The Latest Genre Phase.
During this phase the said Bibliophile will find the books of a particular genre very interesting and alluring. Now the Bibliophile may or may not outgrow this phase,  and most of the times they retain a part of their affection for the genre. Take for example,  Fairy Tales. All of us Bibliophiles have had the Fairy Tale phase (when we were kids,  but heh) and now we fondly look back at the time we used to love Fairy Tales and of course we retain a part of it in ourselves.  Kinda like how Voldemort had a piece of him living in Harry after he tried to kill him,  which resulted in Harry being the eighth horcrux. . .  In an extremely – not-actually unbelievably creepy way😛

So all this theorising and postulating got me thinking.. . . Does this apply to the YA genre too?

The answer is,  yes,  duh! I mean,  it’s a theory: it has to hold good for all genres. . . 


But my problem with YA lately is that just like romantic comedies/ stories they can be categorised into clichés.
Like for example,  in romantic stories the following are the most common clichés :

#1. Falling for the best friend (who,  in most cases,  is of the opposite sex. . . )
#2.  Falling for the Best Friend’s brother (Pretty sure best friend I  question might be a tad weirded out. . . )
#3. The I love to hate you cliché (Ooh,  this one’s pretty intense almost always. . . )


#4.  Wait?  Isn’t this blog on the YA genre?  Sorry got sidetracked 😛

Anyway,  here are some of the clichés that I’ve found prevalent in the YA genre:
#1. The protagonist has to almost always have a tough life
I mean, can’t adventures visit teens with  non complicated life,  you know,  so when matters do get complicated –  they wouldn’t make bad life choices.
Like Clary Fray from  The Mortal Instruments. .  Example of a bad decision maker. . . 
#2. If it’s Dystopian, then the future world is always bleak,  lifeless and gloomy and life was always better in the past
Um,  Divergent, Hunger Games,  Maze Runner(IN PARTICULAR!!!),  anybody?
#3. The story is conveniently set so that the adventurer/lead characters inevitably end up together
Kane chronicles? Yeah,  how is it that Will/Anubis and Sadie end up together. . .  The whole thing is messed up.
And what about Divergent? How is it that Tris almost immediately falls for her INSTRUCTOR? Okay,  he’s hot and they  connected(somewhat). ..  But still. . .

#4. Someone close to you(yes you. And the lead character) has to die. Or have a miraculous escape  from death.
This is the one thing I hate  the most. In Divergent, you have lovely people like Uriah dying and of course Veronica Roth had to kill Tris. . .  😦
And what about Bianca Di Angelo in the PJO series. .  . Don’t even get me started on character deaths (Harry Potter : JKR,  why you play volleyball with them feels. . . )


But at the end of the day,  clichés exist for a reason :
Where would we be if the Dursleys were nice to Harry,  or if Smelly Gabe treated Percy well? Or if Tris had not been asked to choose or if Clary’s mum hadn’t been kidnapped? Huh?
Or how would we set high standards for choosing our significant other without comparing them to Ron and Hermione ❤ or Percabeth or Magnus Bane and Alec. .  ? 


Or how would we understand  pain and sadness and the other unhappy emotions –  how would we FEEL if there were absolutely no character deaths? Authors are murderers for sure,  I think the world would seem a little more brighter to me if we hadn’t lost Dobby,  Sirius,  Tris,  Finnick and so many many others. . . 


But most importantly,  how else  would we live in worlds that are magical,  fantasical and filled with fantastic creatures : Unicorns, Centaurs,  Werewolves,  Vampires, Gods, Faeries and  Angel’s and so many others. . .  

So whether YA is losing its magic touch or is becoming increasingly, annoyingly mainstream,  the truth of the matter is: Some stories just live on in us forever. 💁


So keep imagining,  loving, laughing,  feeling and living in these worlds as long as you can. . . 

Also comment on what your pet peeves are while reading a YA novel.
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!
Ciao !
Peace out and. .  .
⚫Read a Book!! ⚫



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