⚫Gifted and Talented ⚫

The world is filled with many phenomenal people. They are amazing in that they are not confined to one type of amazing.
You might admire Adele because of her ability to impress you with just her music sans all the stunts, the almost omnipresent sexual angle(in any other artist’s music video…) and any publicity clamourings. She just sings. She plainly exercises her talent.
And then you might admire the ultimate bawse, the YouTuber Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh. She made it big on YouTube through her funny, relatable and yet at the same time managing-to-strike-a-chord-socially videos. At a time when making YouTube videos was unthought of, she persisted and eventually succeeded and is now a virtual Superstar (pun intended)…

Lilly Singh (Superwoman), YouTuber

I could go on all day about many other talented people – Leonardo Dicaprio, whose superior acting skills were FINALLY recognised in the Academy Award. . .; And has a slew of memorable films to his credit. . .


What I want to say is this: just like every other thing in life, and life itself- your talent pool is boundless. It is you who set your limits. So if you want to explore and try something new, something different then you should go for it with absolutely no inhibition! You want to learn a foreign language? Do it! You want to try a new art-form ? try it! The world is full of opportunities and people waiting for the next big thing to obsess on. And who knows, if you give it a shot, maybe you’ll be the next big obsession!

In conclusion, not everyone are born gifted and talented – it is only when one is courageous enough to break out of the shell that is “normal” and tries the novel and unique do they stand out, this reminds of a cheesy quote I read a while ago: “You were not born to fit in, but to stand out.” So stand out and work hard at whatever you feel passionate about and you’ll find that you too are now part of that elite, “The Gifted and Talented.”

As my Queen JK Rowling, another phenomenally inspiring personality put,
It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. And also, I can’t resist adding this one too
“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.”

With that I really hope I lifted your spirits and possibly inspired you to work on something you’ve always loved.
Do comment the names of people who inspire you too 🙂



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