⚫FANGIRL ⚫Review Time!!

Some YA books. . .

Lately, the YA genre has been flooded with Dystopia and Fantasy. So  much that YA has now become synonymous with Teenagers in grimy and desolate worlds . . . Living in deep despair and the only way to overcome their looming doom is to undertake some fantastical journey.. . . Urgh. As much as I love reading those kind of books. . .  They seem so similar and predictable after a point.

That,  ladies and gents, is why Fangirl stands out!


Fangirl reads in the likes of a John Green novel,  minus the metaphors and seemingly unnecessary character deaths(Why John, why??  Why kill Augustus? Why Alaska?! Aah).
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is my current favourite book! It is the story of a storyteller. It is the story of one of our Kind. A fangirl, I mean.
Cath, a shy,  introverted fangirl begins college quite reluctantly. Reluctant because of Wren’s conscious withdrawal from her. Wren being her twin.

Cath,  though thoroughly asocial in the real world,  is actually a superstar in the world of the Internet. She is Magicath. The author of the Simon Snow Fanfiction-dom.. . . 
This book revolves around Cath’s adjustment to her new life as a college student- with a surly roommate and her equally sunny ‘boyfriend’ to help Cath figure out college. Wren’s gradual estrangement and idiosyncrasies drive a wedge between the two. . .  The chief factors being,  Cath’s concern for their Dad’s condition without them to take care of them and Wren’s willingness to reconcile with their mom,  who abandoned them when the girls where eight. . . 

With Cath’s Fiction Writing classes (where she is the star student),  her determination to finish “Carry On”-her take on the last Simon Snow book,  Nick: her biweekly library date/co-story writer,  her social anxiety and growing feelings for Levi,  her roommate Reagan’s ‘boyfriend’. . .  The first year of college seems to  infuse a lot of changes in Cath’s life. Cath who hates change. . . .

So will she patch things up with Wren? Will she finish Carry On? Will she get together with Levi? Will she finally accept change and embrace it?

Read Fangirl to find out!!
Fangirl struck a chord with me. . .  I related to Cath in many ways. . .  I realised that she and I share a lot of things such as our passionate love for fandom/fandoms,  such as our disdain for unnecessary alcohol consumption, smoking. .  .
These trivialities aside,  what I related to most with Cath was her pure love for writing. Fangirl made me want to write. Something, anything but just write. And I think,  if a book can do that to you. . .  It’s a truly phenomenal,  truly wonderful,  truly  superb book!

So,  if you are one of those bibliophiles who are keen on YA but really not keen on getting OD’d with Dystopia and Fantasy,  if you are looking to read a book which quite possibly might echo your soul. .  . Then Fangirl is the book for you!!
Finally,  thanks for reading through my review, in which I’ve tried real hard not to insert any spoilers. . .  And I give Fangirl a full 5 fangirl squeals!!
Ciao,  until later!

PS: I’m planning on having a blog/story marathon.  .  .in the recent future. . . 
Comment your thoughts! 
Really Ciao!
⚫Read a book! ⚫



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