Helping Others. . .

I have a t-shirt which bears the message,  “You don’t need a reason to help“, and this I believe is a very prudent adage,  especially in this day and time.
Helping people,  nowadays, is a very rare sight. It is so rare that when somebody really helps you out –  all you do,  all you are hardwired to do is suspect them.
Do they have any ulterior motives? In case they are strangers,  then, are they going to rob me? Or kidnap me? The human brain, I believe, is an extremely complicated organ. It is one that cannot be deciphered using a string of formulas or sheets of theories (though that is precisely what psychology tries to do,  but let’s not get there now!)

Our modern, 21st century brains have evolved to be suspecting and distrustful of all who try to help us,  because we’ve heard so many tales of helping not paying off.

If you are one of the many who believe that you must help out only if a reward awaits you at the end… Then it is time you rethink that philosophy.

Most of the times, helping out may not yield phenomenal material results,  for instance,  by helping out an old man cross the street,  if you hope that he is actually a millionaire and will forever remain indebted for your service – then you are living in a world of dreams and chances are 1 in a billion that it will actually happen (though, if something similar has ever happened to you… Do let me know!).  I speak so because I believe that the feeling of satisfaction and achievement you feel after helping someone can not equal the joy you may find if you win a million dollars in the lottery!

Only recently I was walking toward my alma mater to meet up with my teachers and as I walked, humming to myself – a two wheeler stopped beside me. I paused too, to see if the motorist needed any help with directions. She removed her helmet and asked me something. And not what I expected her to ask! She asked me where I was headed to and if I needed a ride!
I couldn’t believe it! Of course I did love to walk whenever I could, but it was midday at the time, the sun was cruelly beating down on all of us poor mortals and I had been secretly harbouring hopes that I would see someone I knew who would give me a ride till my destination. . .and along came this woman with her little daughter on her two wheeler, a woman I didn’t even know, asking me if I wanted a lift!
I felt a strange sort of happiness as I got off her vehicle and thanked her numerous times (don’t think that I am an extremely stupid and gullible person because I took her up on her offer!…..)
I was happy because it is small acts like these that retain my belief that humanity is still alive and good despite all the bad things happening out there…

An ancient Indian ideology suggests a system called “karma”, which basically said that the more good you do, the more good happens to you. This is quite similar to the modern adage,” what goes around, comes back around. ”

If you think deeply on these two sayings, you will realise that in their essence both these sayings encourage the principle of Helping Others and doing good.

And being such principled humans don’t you think its time we started acting on them and make the world a better place in our own small way.



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