Short Stories.

“Short stories consume you faster. They’re connected to brevity. With the short story, you are up against mortality. I know how tough they are as a form, but they’re also a total joy.” – Ali Smith

Reading short stories is one of the many simple pleasures of life,  according to me.
The best thing about short stories is that they are, well, short. But the best short stories never truly leave you.
Writing a short story,  a good one,  mind you, actually takes up a lot of effort. There is tremendous pressure on the author to make his/her character or characters memorable and impacting,  all in limited words.
People think that writing a novel is way harder than writing a short story, but that is not true. While a novel does take up a lot of time and effort – writing a good short story too will quite exhaust those grey cells (a Christie reference, geddit? Geddit?)
A good short story will end up with the reader feeling happy. Happy that the story was so good. But a great short story will never leave the reader, it will haunt him/her. They will keep thinking about it.. Why,  you might even use quotes from that story as references!
Personally, my favourite short story writers are Roald Dahl (wait,  what?! He wrote stories too?!  Yes. Yes, he did. And do check them out because they are mind-blowing.), Saki (who can deny that The Open Window didn’t leave them in stitches. Of laughter.),  Jeffrey Archer ( An eye for an eye. That was quite an “eye”  opener, if I may!) and Agatha Christie (anything the Queen of Crime writes,  I, her loyal citizen love!) and also O Henry.
Short stories are not only a great way of telling your readers about something spectacular, something amazing but also a great way to express your unbounded creativity and show the  nuances and quirks of the human mind, in less number of words,  because as they say
“Brevity is the soul of wit.”


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