Different types of creativity.

Our world is filled with people. People people everywhere! 
But what sets each individual apart – shows that they are all not the same – is their creativity.
As I thought more about this curious phenomenon, I realised something – we humans are not just creative … We are different types of creative!! 
For instance, you have the artist who expresses himself/herself through paintings, portraits – colours are his/her creativity.
The writer, strings together strange words and interesting phrases to string a beautiful necklace we call a book!
An actor portrays various roles- each poles apart from the previous- a hero, a savior in one… A crook, an evildoer in the next!
Then there is the scientist,  who does all kinds of weird and seemingly crazy things to come up with a result even more unbelievably crazy and wonderful!
There are so many more types of creative people I could talk about… But that would just take up your entire day,  so I’m calling it a wrap!
In conclusion, such is our world, filled with so many different types of creativity and creative people … And out of so many ponderable things around us, I would say that the different types of creativity is definitely one! 
Think about it!!!And let me know what you think. 🙂


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