A Murder Is Announced – Review time!!!

My latest, and most spectacular, Agatha Christie. This Christie doesn’t stand out in any extraordinary fashion like Murder on the Orient Express but what makes this book worth recommending is in the fact that this is, what I’d call, A Classic Christie. Full of twists, turns, Miss Marple’s fluffiness and some very simple straightforward facts are presented to the reader.
The book begins with an advertisement in “the Gazette”, a local newspaper. The bizarre advertisement states that a murder will occur at half past six on 29th Oct at Little Paddock. The villagers seem to think it’s all part of a game. Intrigued, they all turn up at Miss Blacklock’s – the owner of Little Paddock – house. But the  “game ” is no longer a “game” when someone is killed.. . followed by the murders of many someones….
Shocking facts and blatant lies presented baffle the police… And enter Miss Marple…
The end, as usual, is quite unexpected. What is there is not what it seems, some people are not who they REALLY are, and in that, lies the whole idea or plot of this tale.
A thoroughly enjoyable read and quite a straightforward case which I, as a prolific reader of crime novels came quite close to solving… Though my mark didn’t exactly hit bulls eye, the fact remains still, that Christie, Queen of Crime never ceases to amaze!
Happy reading! 📚📖📰


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