Xi’s China

The Dragon is breathing fire, and it is only now that we can feel the heat of our houses burning down. China – the one neighbour we don’t know whether we like or not, but are nonetheless definitely wary of, quite evident from the recent goings-on. Recently the Chinese Communist Party announced that they would…

Hannah and Her Sisters: Review!

As a movie buff, when I signed up for reviewing movies, I was really quite excited  at the prospect. . . but the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let the movie buff rest and this resulted in me watching at least a dozen movies in the past two weeks in hopes of trying to find The…


The online world has definitely drawn us all into its Siren Song and morphed us into beings so dependent, so easily swayed, so easily angered, and has succeeded in making us focus all our passions into one forum- the Internet.

beyond binaries

From the time we can perceive and understand, or attempt to understand our world, we are conditioned to look at things in an extremely binary fashion- it should all be black or white, or grey. They often say that children have the tendency to view things in a fixed binary, but I would like to…

​A Homage to the 80s pop culture? Stranger Things Can Happen

The elements of a horror movie, I would say, are definitely present with eerie soundtracks, isolated woods, self-playing records, and live walls. What is amazing though is that these spooky props are only a precursor, a trailer if you will, to much much scarier developments.

Civic Awareness. Most just don’t GET IT. 

Rant time! When I  visit places,  I usually like to observe the place – the surroundings,  the environment, the people… You get the drift. On one such visit, on a gloomy, overcast Sunday morning to Lalbagh Botanical garden… Wait,  this was a quite special occasion- I had gone to see the flower show there! Moving…

Trailblazers and Sheeples 

Everyone can change the world. You never know what it is about you that sets you apart from the rest. You may think you know it. But it very rarely is what you think it is.